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How to Replace Your Bent iPhone 6 Plus for Free

September 26, 2014
iPhone 6 Plus Bend Author:

There have been recent reports of Apple’s brand new iPhone 6 Plus being prone to bending easily due to its thinner aluminum build. There has even been an infamous iPhone 6 Plus “Bend Test” video that tests just how prone it is to bending. (You can find that video at the end of this article).

Some users online have reported that this phone is prone to bending in their pockets. Many now believe that the iPhone cannot withstand reasonable conditions.

Apple’s Response

Common or Uncommon?

Apple has stated that the iPhones are thoroughly tested and that it is extremely rare for an iPhone 6 Plus to bend. They promise that the iPhone is sturdy and durable.

Despite Apple’s claim, the common belief online is that the iPhone 6 Plus is fragile and easily bent due to the few horror stories that have been cycling around the internet.

Replacing a Bent iPhone 6 Plus for Free

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus and it has bent, you should make an appointment online with your local Apple store at the Genius Bar. When you show up to your appointment at the Genius Bar, the Genius will test your iPhone 6 Plus. Depending on the results and if your iPhone is under warranty, you may be able to have a free replacement. Apple has stated that it is subjective and up to the Genius looking at your phone to make the decision on whether or not you will have a replacement.

iPhone 6 Bend Test

If you are interested in seeing the infamous iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test, see the video below: