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Get Your Selfie Game On Fleek – Iblazr Review

January 30, 2015
Set of iblazrs (black-white-premium)

Author: Omar Lopez Is your Valencia filter not helping your selfie get enough double taps? It’s difficult sometimes to get the best picture possible when you have no screen-facing flash, or if you have no flash at all. This little gadget remedies those problems. The Iblazr is a small external flash device that plugs into [Continue Reading]

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The FCC Says Your Internet is Too Slow

January 29, 2015
fcc broadband internet too slow

Authors: Andrew Rivera, Omar Lopez New Broadband Speed Standard The FCC just said that the internet speed standards need to keep up with our advancing society. In other words, your internet may be too slow. Any internet speed that is slower than 25 megabits per second (Mbps) in download speed and 3 Mbps in upload [Continue Reading]

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