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Charge Your Phone With Salt and Water

March 10, 2015
Jaq Fuel Cell Charger Author:

Check this out.

This is the Jaq by MyFC.

You plug in your phone and it charges it for you. Nothing special, right?



The card contains salt and water. When the card is plugged into the Jaq, the salt and water mix to release hydrogen. The energy from the hydrogen is harnessed to give your device an eco-friendly charge. The only by-products are heat and water, no harmful chemicals or fossil fuels are released. The casing of the card is made of recycled materials.

Each card provides one cell phone charge. Once the cell is exhausted, you just throw it away. The device and cards are safe for air plane travel, use no electricity, and compatible with all usb devices. The cards are very thin, light weight, and both the Jaq and cards together are about the size of a small smart phone.

Jaq Cell Phone

Good for the Environment

When you’re on the go, and your phone happens to die, you can feel good about reviving your phone with green energy.

MyFC has not released the Jaq yet or revealed a price, but it is estimated to be around $100 (US) and each fuel cell will be about $2.

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