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How to Spring Clean Your PC

April 2, 2015
PC Cleanup Free Author:

There are a lot of paid products out there that offer to clean up your slow PC, but we have compiled a list of FREE software that we personally love to use that work well!

We are going to talk about how to clean up junk stored on your computer as well as dust and other gunk on the physical parts of your PC.

If you are a Mac user don’t worry! We have not forgotten about you. We will soon be posting a guide on How to Spring Clean your Mac.

Software Clean Up

So first let’s clean up the junk files on your computer. Like with anything, your computer requires upkeep to stay strong. Think of this like getting frequent oil changes on your car. It is important to do these sort of things to keep your computer running strong for years.

Removing Unnecessary Files – CleanUp!

Over time, your computer stores A LOT of clutter on its hard drives. Doing things like browsing the internet, installing programs, and most other basic tasks slowly build this up.

This program called “CleanUp!” empties your recycle bin, deletes old cache files, and deletes your cookies.

**Caution: Make sure that the “Fully Erase Files (Wipe Clean)” option is NOT selected or everything else will be erased!**

We personally use this and highly recommend it. Download “CleanUp!” for free.

Removing Viruses – Malwarebytes

Once again, there are a TON of paid anti-virus out there such as Norton, Mcafee, BitDefender, etc. but why pay for those when there are great free options that work just as well as those?

(Did you know? Paid Anti-virus software like Norton and Mcafee are considered themselves to be adware since they are so hard to un-install?)

Malwarebytes scans for and deletes malware viruses. On top of that, this program will work well on older computers since it does not require as many resources as other paid anti-virus software.

Malware is an umbrella term used to describe any form of harmful software on your computer.

Download Malwarebytes for free.

Updates – PatchMyPC

Several people exit out of the notifications stating that an update needs to be made. (We know you’re guilty of this!)

Keeping software up to date is important because it helps keep the software running as smoothly as possible and it also increases security.

So now you are probably thinking of scrambling to find all of the software that you have been neglecting to update. Fear not!

PatchMyPC helps solve that inconvenience.

This program scans for outdated software, compiles a list of what needs to be updated, and has the ability to mass update multiple problems.

Download PatchMyPC for free.

Hardware Clean Up

Cleaning up the operating system is important but it is equally important to clean the dust from the insides of your computer. Dust can clog fans which causes overheating, decreased performance, and a potential decreased lifespan on your PC.

There are two main tools we recommend you use to clean the dust from your computer:

  • Compressed Air
  • Windex wipes

Before preparing to clean up your computer, be sure to lay something (like a towel) under it.

Spray the compressed air at fans and other areas where dust has collected. Additionally, wipe down areas with a large buildup of dust.

Also be sure to open the side panel to remove any dust from that too.

When you are done, your computer should look a lot nicer and perform more efficiently too!

Good Luck

We wish you all the best of luck with your PC Spring Cleaning! Let us know what you thought of this in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Proceed with caution and at your own risk! AskATech is not responsible for any damage done to any computers from the third party tools listed above.

Still Uncomfortable?

We understand that self-diagnosis on your computer can be a bit scary so feel free to Contact Us and we would be more than happy to help you out!