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How to Improve Your Instagram Game – Ollo Clip Review

April 6, 2015
olloclip Author:

Ollo Clip

When you’re about to post a fire Snapchat story or you need a selfie on Instagram to make your ex jealous then you’re going to need a high quality camera. Most of us rely on our phone’s camera to capture these precious moments. If you want to turn that phone into a nearly professional camera then considers looking into getting an Ollo Clip.

External Lens for your Phone


The Ollo Clip is a brand of high quality lenses that you just slip over your smart device. Small enough to fit in your pocket, and simple enough to clip on/off without any extra parts, they automatically improve your Instagram game #NoFilterNeeded

4-in-1 Lens


The newest device is a 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone6/6Plus. These four include: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro, and 15x Macro so you can show off how on fleek your brow game is. This model starts at $79.99.

A similar model for the iPhone 5/5s starts at $69.99.

There are a variety of lenses and accessories for iPhones 4 through 6Plus, as well as for the iPad and Galaxy S.

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