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How to Prevent and Treat Apple Watch Skin Irritation

May 8, 2015
Apple Watch Rash Allergies Author: and

Just when you thought that the battery life was your biggest concern, there have been reports of users developing skin irritations after having worn the Apple Watch for a few days. The rashes are reported to be caused by both the sports band and the metallic surfaces of the watch.

Apple has commented on this and has published a guide on how to avoid skin irritation.

Their comments include:

  • Not wearing the device too tightly or too loose
  • Keeping the watch and surrounding skin clean and dry

Apple Watch Rash Ingredients

There are small traces of Nickel and Methacrylates that users may have an allergic reaction to. It is unlikely that Nickel is the cause of irritation since there is such a small amount, and Methcrylates are positioned so that they do not come into direct contact with the skin.

apple watch rash ingredients

From Apple’s website.

Additional causes of irritation may be from wearing the device too tightly, from the band rubbing against the skin causing aggravation, and also from too much moisture and bacteria under the band.

Avoiding Skin Irritation from the Apple Watch Band

Don’t give up just yet! If your heart is set on an Apple Watch but you are afraid of getting skin irritations from the Apple Watch band, we have a solution for you.

It is possible to remove the Apple Watch band and exchange it with almost any watch band available. The video below explains the very simple DIY process.

Preventing Skin Irritation from Nickel

Once again, don’t give up just yet! If you are allergic to nickel but have your heart set on an Apple Watch, we still have a solution for you!

It is common for people with nickel skin allergies to coat any jewelry or metals with clear nail polish and this should work for the Apple Watch as well.

The coating acts as a barrier and will prevent contact with the nickel. It will also prevent minor scratches.

apple watch allergic reaction

What is your opinion on the Apple Watch? Did you get your hands on one? Did you experience any skin irritation? How would you treat your skin irritation?  Let us know in the comments below!

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