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4 Father’s Day Tech Gifts (And 1 Bonus)

June 5, 2015
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Father’s Day 2015 is on June 21st!

There is still time to get that special man in your life a gift. Here are some cool, advanced pieces of technology (and one not- so-techy, but twice as cool) that your dad will put to good use.



This is Tile. If Dad tends to lose his keys or wallet then this gift is basically personalized for him. You just attach this small lightweight device to a key chain or put it in a wallet and you’ll be able to see the object’s location on your smart phone. Tile’s Bluetooth signal is 100ft and the app can support up to 8 Tiles, so you can have one on each item that dad may carry on his business trip or a weekend outdoors.

As you get closer to your lost item, Tile will begin to play a melody to help dad find his misplaced lap top bag. Tile is durable, and water resistant, and the battery should last up to a year. Currently the device is priced at $25, but there are bundle packages available.

Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill

Portable BBQ

Dads stereo-typically like to grill meat. It is sometimes difficult to bring a grill around everywhere, but with this portable grill Dad can get his carnivore fix whenever the mood strikes.

All Dad has to do is open up this briefcase at his next meeting, throw in some charcoal, and then he’ll be the most popular one in the room. This grill is $80 on Uncommon Goods.

Disclaimer: Its probably not safe to use this if your business meeting is indoors.

Smartphone Wallet Case


This phone case is cool because it doubles as a wallet to help your dad carry only what he really uses.  Maybe this way Dad won’t lose his valuables anymore.

This particular case is about $20 and is made for the iPhone 6, but you can search for one specific to whatever phone Dad has. They all range from about $20 to $40.



Many Dads like Movies, TV, and Sports. With Chromecast, your dad is able to use his ESPN App to watch as much sports or as many movies as he wants. This device allows you to take a streaming site (Hulu, Netflix) something you would normally watch on your laptop or phone, and Chromecast throws it up on the television.

You can pull up Netflix on your phone, “cast” it to your television and you’ll have the convenience of your phone with the comfort of a widescreen. For less than $30, you can make Dad (and the kids)  happy with easy access to HBO, Netflix, Youtube, and many more.

The BroBasket


Imagine how many socks and ties Dad has… he probably doesn’t need any more. The guys at BroBasket understand.

If you want something unique and fun, but still classy, aesthetic, and affordable, then BroBasket is perfect. Brobasket makes drinkable arrangements catered to men and common activities that men share (like golf). Hand delivery is available between North Los Angeles County and South Santa Barbara County. They ship their non-alcoholic gifts to all 50 States, and their alcoholic gifts to a majority of the U.S.

This gift idea isn’t really tech related, but we thought the service and product were so unique and cool that we decided to give these guys a local business shout out. They are offering free Hand Delivery with their promo code “camarillo” between now and Father’s Day. Keep up the good work guys!



Father’s Day

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