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Have you heard about Project Sunroof by Google?

August 27, 2015
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 Project Sunroof by Google

Utilizing solar energy is becoming more popular, and easier to afford. Google is showing off their environmental friendly philosophy with Project Sunroof.

If you’re considered installing solar panels on your home, Google wants to help out. By utilizing their satellite data from Google Maps and other resources Project Sunroof will aid in your solar panel planning.

How it Works

Project Sunroof looks up your home in Google Maps and creates a personalized roof analysis by computing how much sunlight hits your roof in a year.

It also takes into account shadows cast by nearby structures and trees, and historical cloud patterns that could alter the production of solar energy.

Compute Your Savings

Project sunroof features

By using current pricing data from the solar industry, Project Sunroof calculates the leasing, taking a loan, or buying solar panels to help homeowners choose what’s best.

Project Sunroof also takes into account Federal and state tax credits, Utility rebates, and Renewable energy credits and net metering.

Current Areas

Solar Panels

Curretnly, Project Sunroof is only available to homes in :

-Fresno California

-San Francisco Bay Area

-Greater Boston Massachusetts

Google plans to expand to the rest of the country and hopefully around the world.

Get Started

If your home is located in one of the three locations listed then all you need to do to get started is search your address.

Project Sunroof by Google

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