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Samsung is Determined to Get in Our Homes

September 10, 2015
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Samsung is becoming one of the leading smart home innovators. Their app controls 100+ smart devices to make life a lot easier for the home owner.

Benefits of a Smart Home

Hello Smart Home

If you have been on the fence about turning your home into a smart home then Samsung is probably a good place to start. There are products for every type of room in your house and they are all easily managed through one App.

There are many advantages to having a smart home:

  • Peace of Mind when away from Home
  • Pet Monitoring
  • Saving Energy
  • Knowing when your Family arrives and departs
  • Protecting your home from Water Damage
  • Making Everyday Life more convenient overall

The Hub

The hub

The Hub acts as the heart of your smart home. It communicates information from your phone to all of your connected Samsung products. The Hub is currently $99.99. Once you have this device and download Samsung’s free SmartThings App you’ll be able to add as many devices as you want to create whatever smart home you want.

Multipurpose Sensor

Multipurpose Sensor

The Multipurpose Sensor is exactly what it sounds like. With it, you are able to have your own little security system. Its versatility allows you to:

Check if a door, window, cabinet, or drawer is open or closed

Get a reminder if you forgot to close your front door or garage door

Be notified of a knock on the door, or if a valuable item is moved.

These sensors are only $39.99 each

Getting Started

Smartthings home

Samsung is putting together a SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. This is basically a bundle of 1 Hub, 1 Motion Sensor, 2 Multipurpose Sensors, and 1 Outlet. Everything you need to really get started on your new smart home transition. There is currently no pricing listed on this bundle, so the only way to get more information on this particular bundle is to contact a Samsung retailer directly.

Smart Homes are becoming a Social Norm

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