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How to Improve Your Instagram Game – Ollo Clip Review

April 6, 2015

Ollo Clip When you’re about to post a fire Snapchat story or you need a selfie on Instagram to make your ex jealous then you’re going to need a high quality camera. Most of us rely on our phone’s camera to capture these precious moments. If you want to turn that phone into a nearly [Continue Reading]

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Get Your Selfie Game On Fleek – Iblazr Review

January 30, 2015
Set of iblazrs (black-white-premium)

Author: Omar Lopez Is your Valencia filter not helping your selfie get enough double taps? It’s difficult sometimes to get the best picture possible when you have no screen-facing flash, or if you have no flash at all. This little gadget remedies those problems. The Iblazr is a small external flash device that plugs into [Continue Reading]

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