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Cyber-criminals Hiding behind the Microsoft Name

April 30, 2015
Microsoft Phone Scam Author:

We have personally seen and heard stories of windows users getting hacked by cyber-criminals claiming to be Microsoft. Out of safety for you, we’ve gathered this information to help you recognize when someone may be trying to steal your information.

“Microsoft does not send unsolicited emails or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information or fix your computer.”

It is common for cyber-criminals to make attempts at collecting personal information such as passwords, and credit card information. This is called phishing, because they are “fishing” for your information. They may claim to want to help remove viruses and will ask you to open a program called “Windows Event Viewer” which lists errors. It is normal to see errors here and this does not mean your computer is infected. They do this to scare you into believing them.

“Microsoft Tech Support” or “Microsoft Account Team”

Be wary of calls or emails claiming to be someone from “Microsoft Tech Support” or “Microsoft Account Team.”

They will then ask you to download software that will remove your viruses and/or fix your errors. Do not download anything or visit any sites that they direct you to. The download may actually be spyware that collects your information.

Microsoft Does Not Ask For Personal Information

“Microsoft does not request credit card information to validate your copy of Windows”

“Microsoft does not send unsolicited communication about security updates”

There is no such thing as the “Microsoft Lottery”

I Think I May Have Been Hacked/Phished

If you have released personal information, or you feel that someone may have gained unauthorized access to your computer or network:

Change your passwords

Be sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials 

Use an Anti-Virus. There are free Anti-Virus programs such as Avast and FortiClient

Further Peace of Mind

Do not hesitate to contact us. Having helped hundreds of businesses nationally we are happy to help. We know how frustrating computer problems can be, but understand your needs and will deliver industry-proven solutions and services.