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See the World Through Google Cardboard

December 19, 2014
google cardboard

That’s right, we said cardboard. You read the title correctly! The tech giant Google has released a low-cost virtual reality headset that is literally made with cardboard. Google Cardboard works with your Android smartphone and is now compatible with Street View. Inexpensive Virtual Reality The headset costs a little under $10 and works with any [Continue Reading]

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How to Deactivate iMessage after Switching from an iPhone

November 12, 2014
deactivate imessage

Switched to Android or Windows Are you a former iPhone user? Have you recently switched to using an Android or Windows phone? If that is the case, then this article will be very beneficial to you. Not Receiving Texts from iPhone Users For the past several years, former iPhone users have been experiencing SMS-related issues [Continue Reading]

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