Why focus on your technology and IT when your business needs you focusing on its own needs. Let us focus and manage your full daily IT routines for you ensuring on its success and protection. We do this with your ROI in mind at a predictable monthly payment.


  • Scheduled On-Site weekly visits

    – Our experts will be on-site assisting your office on your schedule and monitoring your everyday technology solutions

  • 24-7 Remote Protection and Alerts

    – Proactive tracking of your network and systems

  • Weekly Workstation Tune-Up

    – Automatic disk cleanups and deletion of all temporary files and temporary Internet files on PCs

  • Spyware Software Alerts

    – Software that runs in the background to protect and automatically clean up any spyware issues before they can escalate

  • Virus Definition Updates

    – Antivirus software and monitoring of definition levels

  • Remote Patch Management

    – Monitoring of the operating system patch levels of known systems that run approved operating systems and are connected to the network

  • Custom Online Client Portal

    – Issue a ticket for support, view invoices, hardware and software asset reports, etc.

  • Licensing Management

    – We manage your licensing and warranty renewals and notify you of any expiration

  • Exchange Email Spam Management

    – We manage Exchange Email Spam using Exchange IMF and adjust as needed

  • Scheduled Review and Planning Meeting

    – Routine meetings or conference calls to review any questions you have and assist with technology planning

  • Monthly Audit and Server Tune-Up

    – Our engineers perform a 29 point audit of your network environment and make any adjustments necessary to have your network running at its peak potential

  • User Management

    – Basic system administration tasks including such actions as resetting passwords, creating and removing users from the user directory, and disabling user accounts

  • Management of File Sharing Permissions

    – Basic system administration tasks such as basic shared folder creation and associated permissions, and modifying user rights to existing files and folders

  • Network Firewall Management

    – We monitor uptime and open port vulnerabilities

  • Phone Service & Elite Status

    – Helpdesk support for your designated contact(s) for a 24/7 period for your business. Elite status takes priority over any other customers for peace of mind when it comes to your business productivity

  • Remote Service

    – Allowing our consultants to remotely troubleshoot issues

  • Virus Removal and Cleaning

    – We will remove or clean up the workstation at no additional charge to you even if it includes reinstalling the system

  • Vendor Management

    – We assist with troubleshooting and regular maintenance of third party line of business applications and your Internet provider(s) that are critical to your business

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