Building Your Business With Web Presence

Why do you need a website for your business? You say all of your business is made through referrals and word-of-mouth, which is great, but convincing yourself that it is “enough” is limiting your moneymaking potential.

Imagine your website being your virtual storefront on the busiest street in the world (the internet). No business will be made if this storefront is broken down or non-existent. Having a great looking website is a necessity today for you to look credible to your competitors and potential clients.

Today, a dynamic website is the face of your business. Consumers are using the Internet more and more as their first source of contact and the website must possess that “WOW Factor” along with ease of navigation. The website should literally be an extension of the business owner as it is being used to relay your thoughts, ideas and services directly to the consumer. Here at Advanced Networks & Web Solutions we merge the gap between Web Presence and Social Media to fully and globally give your website an identity of its own.

Web Design Services

The perfect website is like a beautiful symphony. All aspects of it must work together or all you are hearing is a bunch of noise. Our web design team will not only create a look that will set your site apart from all others, but it will also design a site that has “flow” to it. By this, we mean that the site will be just as attractive as it is useful for the sites visitors.

We find this aspect of web design and implement it to our customers’ experience:

  1. Original Content All content for the website is original and created with search engines in mind. Not only will search engines devour it, but the readers will find it entertaining and informative.
  2. Dynamic Functionality Your website will immediately present the reader with the “WOW Factor” that can seal the deal. Not only will they be impressed with the overall aesthetics of the site, but it will also be easy to navigate and very user-friendly.
  3. Striking Presentation Whoever said, “looks aren’t everything” was a fool. A website is much like the great romance of our lives, if it isn’t attractive at first glance, we probably will have no interest in it at all. Your website will be beautiful, but there will also be a high degree of intelligence behind that gorgeous face.
  4. High Visibility Even the best looking site is worthless unless it is prominent on the search engines. Because of this, our commitment does not stop once the design has been completed. We continue our partnership to ensure that the site is visible and prominent on all search engines.

Let Advanced Networks & Web Solutions team develop something that will put your business on the Global Scale Map we call the Web.

All of our templates are created with modern HTML5 and CSS3 semantics. These are all mobile-ready and will look great on all devices including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Website Templates

Choose from our beautiful in-house designed website templates.


HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Responsive

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Responsive

Social Media Management

What use does social media have in business? If your website is your virtual storefront, then social media platforms are Ads, sales reps, and kiosks. Not only does social media increase your business’ exposure, but it is also free. Social media provides the opportunity to be seen by thousands of people.

You’re busy running a company. You’re making money and you may not have time to dedicate to monitoring Facebook or Instagram. Maybe you want to, but you’re not sure how to get started. We provide solutions to help teach the best way to utilize each social media platform, as well as managing each page for you while you reap the benefits.

CMS – Content Management System

What is CMS? How can we use CMS for business? Many people require the ability to apply changes to their website on a regular basis. Using a Content Management System gives people this option. If your industry is very visual then updating photos is crucial, or if your industry’s information is constantly changing then you must keep up with the trends and news.

Implementing our CMS puts customization in your hands without having to deal with the technical, time consuming hurdles. CMS solutions are easy to learn, easy to use, and require no coding knowledge!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your website will easier for potential clients to find when people search for your services on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Through SEO, your business’s virtual marketing is optimized as well as your virtual credibility.

You could have a beautiful website, but if no one is able to find it then it is as if you spent time and money for nothing. SEO will drive traffic to you and help potential customers find you. Google constantly changes their methods in reading a website’s SEO standing, so it is important to stay up-to-date with their changes. We will optimize your website and monitor it for your business to be able to reach as many people as possible.

How to Get Started

Visit our contact page to call or send an email. We are happy to help you with developing your website and online presence to start making you more money.